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May. 5th, 2009 10:02 pm
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i just had to collect karl-mentions from the reviews from rotten tomatoes tonight.

currently there are 32 reviews and they're ALL fresh: a 100% rating. woooot! exactly one buffoon critic referred to karl's performance (and a few others) as 'disappointing.' all the rest either didn't single him out specifically, or had this to say:

One of the many priceless moments throughout the film includes Kirk’s (Chris Pine) introduction to Dr. Leonard McCoy… that would be ‘Bones’ to you. Karl Urban is fantastic as the put upon doctor who is not a magician, or whatever position he is asked to take on. He plays the character with sincerity and charm, giving an exciting and very funny performance. He did DeForest Kelley proud.

Oh my God, Bones is awesome. Everyone does their characters right and I hate to play favorites, but something about Karl Urban’s “Bones” McCoy is just super gripping. He nails the characteristics and feels like a real person who would be onboard a space ship. Not a monotone “this is the language of future technology” but a real guy who might go, “What the F?”

Even though they aren't awarded the meaty material enjoyed by the two stars, the rest of the cast does an equally commendable job finding fresh takes on their characters. Urban and Pegg appear to be engaged in a duel over which of them can steal the most scenes

Karl Urban is spot-on as McCoy (even some of DeForest Kelley's vocal inflections are represented)

Of particular note is Karl Urban. About a billion light years from Middle Earth (where he was Eomer), his McCoy is so delicious dead-on, so absolutely channeling the spirit and spunk of DeForest Kelly that he almost steals the film from everyone else.

With Urban, though, it's basically like someone stuck DeForest Kelley in a time machine and we got the 40 year old version playing scenes opposite this all-new cast. He has obviously modeled his physical and vocal performance on what Kelley did, and in his case, it works. I don't think he had to do it that way, but he makes it seem incredibly appealing.

Karl Urban positively owns the film as the frazzled Bones, who loathes space travel, yet can't seem to avoid his heroic calling to Starfleet. Urban channels DeForest Kelley in a growling manner ("I'm a doctor, dammit!") I never thought possible before. His moments hoping to talk Kirk down from assured doom are priceless.

Karl Urban makes a deliciously cynical Dr. McCoy.

it is Karl Urban who comes the closest to stepping out on his own, the New Zealand actor gets the character's inherent technophobia, skill, mannerisms and stubbornness just right.

Fans will be delighted with how perfectly Chris Pine captures the essence of a brash, younger, James T. Kirk and with the pitch-perfect performance given by Karl Urban as cranky, complaining, utterly endearing Leonard “Bones” McCoy. They’re toying with icons here and they more than do them justice.

Karl Urban’s gruff McCoy and Zachary Quinto’s piercing Spock stand out
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